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James Bond Party Ideas

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James Bond Party Ideas

The perfect theme for a New Year's Eve Party or any fabulous time of the year!

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Why not have a Red CarpetDouble Agent Cutouts and an ACE of Hearts door to greet your guests, it gives an extra special glamours touch.


We love the idea of laying your table  –Blackjack cover it’ll instantly set the scene of a casino and make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into Casino Royale! You could even scatter the table casino chips. 007 balloons that instantly scream ‘Bond!’


Here are some decorated rooms and tables with some fabulous centre pieces we found on pinterest for you.






Food Ideas











James Bond charades

Put the names of all the James Bond films in a hat and let your guests guess which one you’re acting out!

OO7 Trival Pursuit

Name the Bond theme

Or how about a James Bond music quiz? Play a 20 second clip of each Bond theme tune (or the first few seconds of it) and let your guests guess the name of the song and who sang it!

Photo Props

James Bond Villains Trivia

Can you match the baddies to the Bond Movie?

1. Grancisco Scaramanga -  Die Another Day

2. Odd Job - A View To A Kill

3. Emilio Largo - Goldfinger

4. Mr Big - Casino Royale

5. Brad Whitaker - The Spy Who Loved Me

6. Marc-Ange  Draco - Goldeneye

7. Mr Osato  Moonraker

Why not have some movies playing in the back ground or the sound track.

Party Favours


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