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Magic Party Idea!

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How to Throw a Magical Birthday Party!

Abracadabra! Why not throw a mystical birthday bash your little magicians will never forget with our Magic Party Ideas! Find the above magic party supplies on our `website


We recommend you send out your party invitations around 6 weeks in advance to make sure people don’t make other plans on that day. Always make a note of RSVP

Decorate our venue and table







Magical Food


Love the treat bowls on website





Magic Cakes





Games & Entertainment

You can hire a magician to perform at your child’s party, we have seen some fantastic ones but hired entertainment can be expensive.

So here are a couple of easy magic games:-

Card Tower

Give each child a pack of playing cards and see who can build the highest tower using the cards.

Hunt the White Rabbit

In advance, cut out lots of small white rabbits from strong craft paper. Then hide them round the house or garden. Send the kids off on the trail of the white rabbits and see who can find the most.

Magic Jelly Bean Guess

Place a large amount of 'magic' colored jelly beans in a large jar and get the kids to guess the number of beans there are. The closest gets to eat the lot!

Peel a banana to reveal it’s pre-sliced

This trick is sure to amaze your spectators! Before the party, take a pin and carefully stick it into a an unpeeled banana. Then wiggle it back and forth to slice it.

When you peel the banana, your guests will have no idea how you sliced it!

Photo booth is always a bit of fun on website


Party Bags




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