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Trolls Party Ideas!

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Trolls Party Ideas!

Trolls are led by their fearless leader Princess Poppy who believes the world is made of cupcakes and rainbows. Trolls love to dance and hug.



We have two lovely invitations on our Incy Wincy Party Pieces website.  We recommend you send your invitations out 6 weeks before your party.

Decorations for your venue and table


Food Ideas!









Keep your little ones entertained!

Troll twister. Use the printable pictures and tape them to a one of the colors on the twister board.

Troll pinata! Everyone loves a pinata



Run from the bergan! Have an adult or one person be the bergan/bad guy. Everyone else are trolls, if the trolls are tagged they turn into a bergan and get to tag others. The last good guy wins.


Freeze dance. Put on some music from the movie such as “Cant stop this feeling”. Start the music then stop it after a short time. Every time it stops the kids have to freeze. Dancing and a game in one!

Party Bags Ideas



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